About the Brewery

Beer has been brewed in Banská Bystrica for more than five hundred years. The tradition of brewing beer in the city under the Urpin hill began as early as 1501 and is now being followed by the modern brewery built in the Radvaň - Kráľová, which began operating on 13 August 1971 as Pivovar Urpín (Urpin Brewery) with the production capacity of 350 thousand hectolitres of beer per year.


Company Banskobystrický pivovar (The Banskobystricky Brewery) now builds on this tradition. On 1 May 2007, in order to restore the esteemed position the brewery had in the past, the new company management initiated a general renovation of the brewery including restructuring the technological equipment and revitalisation of sales and marketing activities. The company invested more than 4 million EUR in the general renovation and modernisation of the technological equipment of the brewery. After years of stagnation, the brewery has finally set out on the road to prosperity and development. Banskobystrický pivovar is a good example of how a Slovak company with no foreign capital can produce an excellent product, invest in technologies and support employment in the region of Central Slovakia, even in current difficult times.

Banskobystricky pivovar, a.s. produces an exceptional Slovak beer, the Urpiner brand, characterised by original taste and brewed using traditional recipes. When producing Urpiner beer we use traditional technology – we let the beer age naturally for 50 days and use ingredients carefully chosen by brewmasters: spring water from surrounding hills, malt growing on fertile southern Slovakian fields and the best hops.

The focus of Banskobystricky pivovar and its brand Urpiner is on high quality and original and unique taste. We will continue in the tradition tried and tested by time and will strive to create pleasant experiences for all Urpiner beer consumers. The Urpiner brand simply guarantees the quality of Banska Bystrica beer which is evident from numerous international awards won in tasting competitions.

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